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Complete marketing solution at an amazing value.

We view your business as ours. Here are some of the things you can expect from us.


Increase profit of your existing business

Would you like to have more profit from your business? Our team has been breaking revenue ceiling of businesses across Singapore. Count on us to deliver the best ROI for you with our  hand-picked solutions.


Achieve your goal without overworking your people

“We have too many things to do and so many ideas in our head, but there just isn’t enough people to execute them!” Do you think that all the time? We know exactly how to support you. Hire an award-winning dream team to turn your ideas into reality.


Make your business hassle free by making it an unbeatable brand

Struggling with sales / hiring / business development? When your brand is established, you won’t have to fight in search of them, THEY come looking for you. We can smoothen the path of your business by building you an unbeatable brand.

What can we offer you?
Take a look in our toolbox.

From cutting edge social media campaigns to good old handwritten Thank-You notes, we offer a wide range of marketing services to assist you. But we understand that what you are really looking for is not just a service or product. It’s a solution. A result. Something to make your vision come true….. am I right? Therefore, we only hand-pick our solutions according to your individual needs and customise them into an effective and workable package.

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Meet the dream team.

Together with our partners, we extract the problems and prescribe the best marketing solutions for you. Let us introduce you to our superheroes. Each of them having extraordinary track record and experience, most of them are well recognised in the industry by awards and local media coverage.

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We are affordable.
I’m not kidding you.

If you are still burning through the black hole of invisible marketing outcome, get ready to be freed. We can bring results like no others, yet we have maintained easy on the pocket. Why? Because a good marketer knows how to make the best use of your budget, even a modest one. Watch how we can transform your business with professionalism and creativity.

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Creativity brings you results. Unbelievable results.

We bring you some of the most unique marketing instrument yet to be seen in Singapore. Do you know Manga is a scientifically proven conversion booster? 2D Japanimation gives you your very own Japanese Manga animation to charm your audience with your products and services. If you are looking for higher conversion rate on your website, Manga Landing Page can be your best solution. Leverage on Japanese creativity to break the ice between you and your customers, and leave them an unforgettable experience.

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Don’t let the circumstances limit your business!

Running a business in Singapore is not getting any easier. Rent is high, human resource is going through the roof, market size is limited and customers are so “Kiasu”….. We understand the headaches you are having, because we too are living out of our passion like you do in this country. But don’t let the circumstances limit your possibilities, let’s solve your headaches together one by one!

  • “We had a great time working with you!
    From a cold hard rock, it was amazing how you were able to groove up the atmosphere.
    The success of the project wouldn’t have happened without you.”

    Deborah Lee, HR Operations manager


  • “Talented, result-driven,
    Great team to work with!”

    Satomi Masters, PR Manager (Japan)


  • “Under promise, over cater.
    They are like that.
    ALWAYS like that.”

    Benjamin Chiang, Unionist


Our mission

Supporting business to lead
with love over fear,
by the power of marketing.

Publicity worked for us, let us work for you.

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