Letter from Kiwi


Thank you for visiting our website and reading this. I really admire bosses like you who understand the importance of marketing and branding. (You will be shocked to know how many bosses in Singapore don’t realize the importance until they are in Life and Death situation!)

If you know me personally, you would know all Kiwi ever want to do is to make friends and eat with them all night long talking about original solutions, deeper meaning of whatever businesses we do and how we can change the world.

But as with all good operation I do not do this alone. I have a team of professionals to keep my little spark of madness in check, so I don’t start a forest fire for every shiny object I come across. Therefore, my arms are bent this very moment as I type this bit of disclaimer. We do not take every projects we are offered because our team takes pride in what they do, so they are….. quite picky, I must say.

There are a few principles we strongly believe in:

  1. 1.We don’t want to cut open your tummy to do a surgery, when there is absolutely nothing wrong with you.

    Meaning, if your marketing is doing well, and we cannot add any value to it, we unfortunately, cannot serve you.

  2. 2.The team does not wish to ruin their reputation selling snake oil.

    Our reputation is our asset. The hard earned awards and media exposure are precious value we hold dearly, therefore we have to be very careful about what or who to market.

  3. 3.We are not GOD, there are cases we really cannot help.

    If we cannot help you, it does not mean your product is bad. Although we are complete solution, turn-key service which covers most of our client’s need, there are specialized cases you can be better served by others.

Don’t get me wrong, we are always excited to have the opportunity to solve your headache with our skills and knowledge. So please share with me your most honest truth, all the good and the bad. The more we learn of you the more we can support you. Together with our specialists, I promise to take your case as seriously as you do.