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by Aya Imura

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5 creative hobbies to pick up for aspiring marketers and businessmen this year

on 2016/02/08


Happy Chinese New Year 2016!

Let’s admit it. Marketers and businessmen with zero creativity will no longer be able to survive in this world. Marketing is no longer about mastering the use of tools and techniques, you need to come up with creative solutions every second in this fast growing society. Yes there are “creative people” like designers and writers to support you, but if you want your marketing ideas to be realised in the best and the most efficient way, you gotta be able to think like creators and speak their language.


How can you inspire your inner creator? Pick up a new hobby! Many marketers and businessmen don’t even bother to start anything creative because they set their standard according to the “creative people” around them. But hey, if all you want is better marketing results, there’s no need to become a Photoshop master or Literature genius. Simply take a pick from the listed hobbies below and spend a few hours on it as a beginning. It will be an eye-opening experience for you, trust me.



Video creation


As you know, online video is a conversion booster. Video should be the best friend of marketers in 21st century. Have you ever made an online video before? It’s actually not difficult at all! There are many simple and easy software. If you are a Mac user, iMovie is an awesome software to start with. Also, there are many mobile Apps which let you create cool videos on your phone. Start using them and try uploading videos on your own social media! The real taste of online video will surprise you. So easy to be published, but so difficult to get viewers.



Photo editing


Start from your own portrait. Try to make it look nicer by using software like Photoshop. (If you are looking for a free online tool, Pixlr editor is my favourite) You will know why your photographers never listen to your instructions and your Photoshop experts take such a long time to do a simple fix! There are many layers of works behind one “natural” looking photo.



Infographics creation


Infographics creation is not only for Photoshop/Illustrator experts any more. There are many DIY infographics maker service online these days like Piktochart and Canva, and most of them allow you to create pretty cool looking infographics in simple easy steps. Creating infographics can be a great training of presentation and logical thinking, and it’s quite fun actually!



Digital drawing


Get yourself a drawing tablet like Wacom and start drawing. Don’t worry about software, you can find good ones online like MediBang paint for free. Watch a few drawing tutorials on YouTube, then you are ready to start! But you will be shocked how difficult it is to draw something with tablet, it’s not as easy as pens and pencils…… but it’s really worth trying. You have no idea how convenient and liberating for marketers to be able to draw simple illustrations and vectors by themselves!!





This is actually the best way to train your copywriting and headline crafting skill! Japanese short poem, Haiku, consists of 3 lines. The first and last lines of a Haiku have 5 syllables and the middle line has 7 syllables. If you have ever tried to write a good description for your SEM (Search Engine Marketing) or Facebook ad, you should be able to see the similarity.



Actually, all these above are my lifetime hobby and I have to admit these hobbies have been adding amazing value to my career. I can guarantee the benefits from my own experience. Have fun!


By: Aya Imura

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